THE SHUTDOWN “17”: Celebration of Dj Mic Smith’s 10 years in the Ghana Music industry.
October 23, 2017
American actor and voice of “The Lion King’s” Rafiki dies after battling prostate cancer.
October 25, 2017


Hello dear potbelly,
I can tell you’re doing well. You have become the centre of attention lately and many are the criticism I have received on your behalf. Your current state has become a great concern to several members of our community as well as those outside. The man down there hasn’t seen eyes in a long while expect via the help of technology, the mirror. It has become difficult for arms to wrap around things it easily did in the past. Legs have complained of how difficult it has become to transport me lately. Belt,singlet, shirt and trousers have complained; in-fact we lost some good friends too.

Though everyone agrees you are not in charge of what you receive, you have not said NO to anything and unfortunately you’ve given out less in regard. You have taken when you need not.

The main purpose of this letter is to tell you, things will change from now on.

You will only receive when you call on.

Even that, you will receive in small doses and less of the usual favourite carbohydrate.

You will receive more water, less fat and no savouries because they are just available.

As for sweets, the earlier you forget about them the better.

I will like it better, if you gear yourself up for the group of things you’ve long hated. Banana, mango, orange and pineapple will be passing through everyday.

We will go for long walks and apple cider vinegar will be our breakfast

Yeah I know we have done this before. We registered at the gym and stopped. We went for the walk and thighs complained and we stopped. We invited the fruit family over a couple of times and then become unfriendly with them.

I am aware of all these and just before you think your usual cries will get me eating late at night, be aware that I will be taking lots of fruits, when you do. But in all these I believe you’ll come out better off.


Dear potbelly, is this 6 figures not nice? Please hear my cry and let’s do this together

Think of the accolades of you looking all handsome with six figures, all the good friends we have lost coming back? I am aware this journey wouldn’t be easy but we will definitely give it a shot.

The first order of orange juice just came in, I’ll write you again soon.


Your owner

THE SHUTDOWN “17”: Celebration of Dj Mic Smith’s 10 years in the Ghana Music industry.


  1. Sterling says:

    Thanks,quite funny but very informative

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