Ewura Esi Adda is a freelance journalist, blogger, Presenter, brand influencer and has a passion for writing. She has a diploma in Broadcast journalism and has worked with a number of media organizations. She is young at heart, undaunted, audacious, chic, articulate and dazzles anyone who comes into contact with her. Born on October 1st and uses Esi Neymar as her Showbiz name because of her love for sports.

Esi Neymar uses her good writing skills through years of experience as a means of communicating to the masses and sharing her sentiments using descriptive verbiage, and compelling headlines to keep readers engaged in her content longer. creating high-quality content and standing up for the truth is her hallmark. Her blog esineymar.com does not seek to entertain only but also create a platform to give people the opportunity to channel their grievances and have their take on national issues.

She is open to constructive criticism because she believes in the twi proverb that translates in English as "the one who cuts the path does not know it is crooked".