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CEO Of Scorby Photography

Mr. Richard Enam Tukpeyi Jnr is the CEO of Scorby Photography and He is our Photographer of the month.  He had his primary education at Archbishop Andoh R/C School and Rosharon School. Also had his secondary education at Pope Johns Senior High School(POJOSS).

He describes himself as a reserved, shy, and respectful guy who loves to take pictures. Specializes in Portrait, outdoor and studio photo-shoots and derives his inspiration from clients who request his services and people who appreciate his work. He is a young champ who wants to take photography to a whole new pedestal.

Mr Tukpeyi Narrates

“Whenever I stand behind the camera, my main objective is to get the best image. I like Photography because it captures a moment that’s gone forever and is impossible to reproduce.”. Photography for me begun when I met Evangelist Ezekiel Kevin-Annan (CEO of Eqonsept) who was our youth leader and also in charge of taking pictures for the church’s social media pages. I approached him one day and made my intentions known to him. He humbly received me and taught me almost everything I know in Photography now. As a young man starting photography, I experienced a few challenges like people rejecting and doubting my capabilities.


Mr Richard Tukpeyi

But in life, you must be bold and courageous to overcome every difficulty. I don’t do anything aside photography now except play football on days I have no work, I want to be the next Messi. He laughs.


I have great ambitions and  I take photography extremely serious because of the love i have for it.


Below are some of his works….…

scorby photography

Photo was taken at the Titanic beach in Ghana. PHOTO CREDIT- Scorby Photography
MODEL – Esi Neymar.

scorby photography

Photo was taken at Community 7 in Tema.
Photo Shot by Scorby photography
MODEL – Esi Neymar

Pic Art

Photo shot and edited by Mr Richard Tukpeyi, CEO of Scorby Photography.