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June 9, 2017
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June 20, 2017

Who is the best rapper?

Somewhere last year the debate; on who is the best rapper; amongst Sarkodie and Manifest was on the lips of almost every Ghanaian. It was the topic for discussion on every media platform.

King Sark feeling bossy

King Sarkodie feeling bossy

The recent Ghana meets Naija event spark the debate again when Manifest performed as one of the artistes billed for the night.  His performance was met with mixed reactions on social media, with majority of the people tagging his performance was “boring”. Music is meant to entertain, inspire, comfort, express feelings etc.…

M.anifest the God mc

M.anifest the God mc

As a musician,

-you must first of all communicate to your fans through music. If you make music and your target audience cannot relate to it then what is the essence?

-Your music must also entertain and inspire people

– use your music to express yourself

Some Manifans have said Manifest’s stage craft was good and his live band performance was on point at the 2017 Ghana meets Naija. Fair enough. But if your audience are not entertained at the end of the day, then what’s the point? Sarkodie has also had his fair share of controversies. A good example is the hullabaloo about the “Jennifer Lomotey”song But the sarknatives also say Sarkodie knows how to make the people jam to his music regardless and is a very good performer. But the question is “who is the best rapper”?

time to exercise your franchise: who is the best rapper?

who is the best rapper

Cast your vote: who is the best; Sarkodie or M.anifest?

So then, amongst the Two artists who do you think is the best rapper. Let your vote count!

Who is a better RAPPER?
28 Vote
18 Vote



  1. chilling says:

    M.anifest and no one in particular.
    godMc never being a faker

  2. deMawutor says:

    Nice piece and blog.

  3. Dhat pweddighal says:

    Sarkodie is good and can rock every show…however manifest songs can inspire…#godmc

  4. just aid says:

    M.anost of course is the best rapper

  5. Mercedes says:

    King sark all de size.African rap god

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